The space for reading with magazines (PIEL de FOTO, SHOTS, EYEMAZING, photoWORKS, VICE, apperture, ASPHALT, GUP, PRIVATE, 8MAGAZINE, hotSHOE, foam, EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY, BlankPaper and SOURCE) and the books that this edition’s photographs have published (POP LATINO by Marcos López, Roger Ballen, DAUGHTERS by Margaret M. De Lange, END TIMES by Jill Greenberg, THE ADVENTURES OF GUILLE & BELINDA AND THE ENIGMATIC MEANING OF THEIR DREAMS by Alessandra Sanguinetti and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY by Vee Speers).

You could also find this edition’s merchandising and the review of the first days of the Festival with the DIARY OF THE FESTIVAL of Camilo Amaya.