Yoshinori Mizutani

Tokyo Parrots

The parrot colonies that Mizutani captures with his flash in the streets of Tokyo are midway between the iconic film by Alfred Hitchcock and Ricardo Cases’ book, Paloma al aire. However, the message launched by this young Japanese artist has a philosophical, critical basis in the consumerism of the modern era, which turns exotic animals into objects of worship in an environment that is hostile to these species. The parrots were introduced into Japan in the 70s and 80s from the tropical regions of India and Sri Lanka, to serve as pets for wealthy urbanites. Abandoned by their owners, these birds settled in public spaces and began to reproduce until they became a plague, like parakeets in Spain. Mizutani pursues these multi-coloured flocks to represent the paradoxical situation of these rarities, who have conquered a strange territory outside their habitat where, in theory, they should not be able to survive. It is a situation of conflict that pits man against nature.


Yoshinori Mizutani was born in Fukui, Japan, in 1987 and lives and works in Tokyo. Mizutani graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 2012 after graduating from Nihon University College of Economics in 2010. He has won a number of prestigious awards including Japan Photo Award in 2013 as well as Foam Talent Call and Lens Culture Emerging Talents Top 50 in 2014. Mizutani has quickly established worldwide recognition and amassed an impressive list of solo exhibitions in countries including, Tokyo, Beijing, Belgium, Switzerland, London and Milan. His has so far published 4 books from IMA Photobooks: Tokyo Parrots (2014), Colors (2015), YUSURIKA (2015) and HANON (2016). His works are in many collections including Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Collection de Heus-Zomer, Amsterdam, Baltimore Museum of Art and Hermès Collection of Contemporary Photographs.