Juno Calypso

What to do with a Million Years


Who says a bunker has to be grey and spartan like an underground prison? Jerry Henderson, founder of the Avon cosmetics company, built his in Nevada in the 1960s, in the middle of the Cold War, with a lot of imagination and no expense spared. The billionaire turned his 1,500 square metres into a typically kitsch American mansion. There is a pink bedroom like a Barbie room, a sophisticated computer system that simulates daylight and stars and there is even a pool and a waterfall. The London artist Juno Calypso chose this peculiar backdrop for a series of surrealist self-portraits, and during her stay she discovered that the people who have taken care of the place since the owners’ death belong to a sect that pursues the dream of immortality. In this shelter located 8 metres underground, Calypso found several pamphlets full of practical advice on preserving the body from old age using low temperatures, which inspired her. This luxury bunker shows that truth can be even stranger than fiction.