Getxo bestelako postalak



The project has an objective questioning the cliché of Getxo and, at the same time, creating through this images collection a more suitable identity to the city’s reality.

This project, created and endorsed by GETXOPHOTO, started to take shape the summer of 2007 when some pictures where asked to be taken following this spirit to a dozen of well-known local photographers. The topic demanded was, simply, Getxo.

Important and well-known photographers like Alfredo Aldai, Elena Barrueta, Txetxu Berruezo, Fátima Díez Garaigorta, Gonzalo M. Azumendi, Oskar Martínez, Juan Luis Markaida, Asier Mentxaka and Carlos Terreros implied themselves from the first moment in the project and prepared two pictures each for the exhibition.

The result is a series of diverse and funny pictures that show us and make us recognize ourselves in a quite closer Getxo than the stereotyped one in the postcards and in the imagination of what’s Basque. With some of them an edition of postcards has been edited, which were delivered for free during the first edition of the festival.

This is a new born project and consequently, will have continuity in successive editions of the festival.


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