During the first four days of the Festival, the GETXOPHOTO Marquee was installed in the center of the town. Different activities and exhibitions occupied a space of 200 square meters among which were the GETXOPHOTO information point; the new artists’ exhibition area, showing work by Andrea Sendón and Miguel Tejero; exhibition of postcards made by Post It, a project conceived by GETXOPHOTO;
an area for the invited bookshops – Cámara and Anti Liburudenda – and the publishers Fundación BBK; and the rest and leisure area where people could read and take some cultural magazines that have participated in the Festival: Aux Magazine, Freek!, UK Aldizkaria, Ladinamo and The Balde.

As was the case in the first edition, a large-format emblematic work dominated the Marquee. Last year this work was Marcos López’s Asado en Mendiolaza, and this time the impressive Romantique, by the famous Chinese author Wang Qingsong.


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