Most of the works selected for GETXOPHOTO are exhibited in public spaces and therefore we use special canvas to print the photographs in high resolution. These images are recycled after the Festival, and with them we create unique articles in terms of their origin and production: bags, place mats, aprons or pencil cases are made from pieces of the exhibited photographs. These objects are manufactured by organizations that specialize in recycling and employ people who have difficulty gaining access to the labour market. The profits obtained with the sale of these articles is donated to the association Getxo Pro-Sáhara, ATFAL. This is therefore a social and non- profit making project for which the active support of the artists who take part in the Festival is fundamental.

We have sold this merchandising in Berlin, New York, Madrid and Bilbao thanks to Skunkfunk, and in Getxo, thanks to House Dream. Currently it is available at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum’s shop.


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