Opening 2009


His work is based on his own experience. He is known for his pictures but he has also made short movies and videos. He has worked in the fashion and advertising fields and he’s also designed record sleeves. He was the founder of the magazine El Canto de la Tripulación and took part as a photography editor in the magazine El Europeo. He has published texts and he was also the creator of the motorcycling club Pura Vida. He is a multidisciplinary artist in the Renaissance style.

De donde no se vuelve, 2008 (40’)
“A work that is not retrospective, but introspective. A trip between present, past and fate.  A vital reflection about photography”.
Nicolás Combarro, curator of his exhibition at MCNARS

8 hours with García-Alix (workshop)
“I want participants to think, to make them thing, to understand the image they see, to train the eye. I feel myself obliged to reflect and develop a speech”.


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