Galder Izagirre

Instead of taking the public to see an exhibition, with this activity the public become a medium within the exhibition. That is the idea Argaz(ni)kiak* came up with: a series of photographs are printed on nikis (T-shirts), which are handed out to passers-by and cuadrillas (gangs of mates) to wear out on the street as a human garment extension of this Festival of images.

The choice of the T-shirt as a mobile medium was not a casual one. Leisure is the general concept of this edition of GETXOPHOTO and music and festivals have, for some decades now, been a very big part of our leisure experience. A whole culture has been built around them. And in that culture people regularly wear T-shirts with printed images of the musical idols they are into.

Galder Izagirre has photographed innumerable concerts round and about the area; he has devoted many years to shooting those idols with his camera. The best shots are shown in Argaz(ni)kiak, a project developed by the magazine The Balde in collaboration with Skunk Funk.

*Play on words between argazki (photography, in Basque), niki (T-shirt as known locally) and ni (I, in Basque).



Galder Izagirre


Galder Izagirre