Sara Costa

The project came into being in September 2002, at the inspiration of Mia Font and Andreu Buenafuente. At the start of it all, when digital photography began to become popular, Buenafuente gave a digital camera to a couple of friends so they could “capture some laughter” and that was how the project began. Little by little this circle expanded, was created and the capturer network was born, its photos being posted on the net and periodically renewed from that point on.

In the words of Buenafuente: “The worst thing you can give to someone inquisitive is a digital camera. That’s what happened. My enthusiasm for this art went wild and I began to capture everything around me. To a point where my friends became concerned. All, that is, except Santi Millán, who was (and still is) worse bitten than me. I proposed that we propagate our obsession with the aim of collecting the gaze of each and every one of us. That’s how Captura arose, using the magnificent medium offered by the internet to exhibit a kind of poetic documentarism on a daily basis. It’s about compulsive photography. Visual psychology.”

At present there are 46 capturers and more than 14 thousand files have been published during Captura’s 8 years of existence.



Sara Costa


Andreu Buenafuente