Txema Salvans



Barcelona, 1971. Youth phenomenon of the photography world in Barcelona, with an exceptional eye for capturing the ordinary. His work has taken him to Fabrica, Italy, and the International Center of Photography in New York. He brought black and white into style in the Spanish Sunday papers. At the age of 26 he sat at the table with Cristina García Rodero at the FotoPress prize-giving ceremony. In 2005 received the PhotoEspaña award for the best Spanish photography book with Nice to meet you. Cynical, ironical, or simply a neutral observer of Iberian reality.

For Txema, the outskirts, the outlying areas of urban centres, are a space that engenders an infinity of images. In the words of Pepe Baeza, “landscapes where the city and the country simultaneously disappear, uncertain scenarios that show the cruelty of a disproportionate productive culture that invents unliveable spaces that are nevertheless lived in”. Places where normal behaviours, daily rituals are decontextualised. Backdrops containing the most abominable creatures of urbanisation. Motorways, bridges and factories are perfect locations for a Spanish Mad Max.


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