How and where do profesional photographers work? How do they approach their projects?What are their studios like?

Photowalk takes us on a 3 hour trip round the studios of 2 recognized professionals of photography that opened the doors to their studios and met those participating, ready to talk about the way they work, about the space where they develop their projects, and about the kind of projects they are engaged in. This is an opportunity to meet professional photographers in the flesh and in their own environments, constituting a splendid chance to participate, learn and discuss.

This year, the trip started in Algorta visiting TDI-Image Bank, which is managed by Antonio Herranz and Fátima Díez Garaigorta. Then, we moved to Erandio, where visited Juan Gomez´s studio, which is close to the river. Juan is a freelance with a broad professional trajectory. The trip finished with a lunch.