Photo Night


GETXOPHOTO supports new formats of exhibition as well as popular participation. One of the novelties of 2014 edition was Gauplaza, Photo Night. A night devoted to photography, with projections of different photographers in the street, doors open, a digital jukebox and playful activities related to photography like the photocall BANG!

Under the title of Other struggles the following works were projected: Ardora by Jon Cazenave, Traineras en el Cantábrico by Humberto Bilbao, Autopista en Galicia, una navallada a nosa terra by Anna Turbau, Madrid Rises Up by Javi Julio, La batalla naval by Txetxu Berruezo, Topeka by Asier Altuna, Spanich Mainers Protest by Olmo Calvo, Donde habita el recuerdo by Clemente Bernad,  Memoria de un tiempo 1975 / 1979 (la transición en Cataluña) by Pilar Aymerich, Extraños by Matías Costa and Ez by Imanol Uribe.


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