Ali Eslami (2017)

DeathTolls Experience

NEW CONVERSATIONS, group exhibition

Sitting on our sofas and constantly entertained by all manner of screens, it is hard for us to connect with the true significance of the massacres taking place every day in far off lands. By the same token, the endless barrage of figures about victims from the media has caused us to lose perspective and regard this data as statistics and not what they actually are. Ali Eslami seeks to rupture this anaesthetic effect offering a virtual trip that travels from the European bloodbaths where thousands of refugees have perished, and on to the victims of the recent civil war in Syria. His intention is to visualize the exact number of dead –for which he uses chilling aerial shots in which we see corpses lined up and wrapped in white bags– but also to make us feel their nearness. The bird’s eye view then swoops down and hovers over the bodies so we can almost touch them. A powerful visual journey that cancels out the abstraction of the data and returns to us the compassion that we have, seemingly, lost.


Ali Eslami was born in 1991 in Irán. He is an Award-winning Computer Artist and Researcher based in Tehran, Iran. He has been working with VR technology since 2014. He develops and designs VR Experiences to explore new pathway in this emerging medium. Interested in Human Perception and Cognitive Science and tries to approach them experimentally in VR. Ali has self-taught 3D for Architectural Viz since 2005 and changed his focus to other fields like Creative Coding, Data-viz, 3D art. HIs work DeathTolls Experience has been shown in the Paris Virtual Film Festival, Sheffield DocFest, SXSW Virtual Cinema, the prestigious IDFA Festival (Best Immersive nonfiction Award) or the Dutch Design Week, among others.