Dries Depoorter


NEW CONVERSATIONS, group exhibition

When UK scientists at the University of Cambridge, dispersed throughout different laboratories, improvised a video camera in the coffee machine in the Trojan Room to spare themselves unnecessary journeys when the coffee had run out, they were un- knowingly inventing the first webcam in history. This provided Depoorter with material for his first installation, Trojan Offices, in which he placed surveillance cameras in coffeemakers in seven offices. Later works of his continued to focus on concepts of privacy, the internet and control. In Jaywalkers, security cameras installed by police at urban junctions allow spectators to see when pedestrians cross the street against a red light. But Depoorter goes further and delves into other traits of human behaviour. Through a sequence of commands created by the author himself, an opportunity is offered to press a button and send a complaint to the nearest police station. No-one sees us and our participation is anonymous. The dilemma of temptation is guaranteed for all.


Born in Belgium in 1991, Depoorter studied Electronics for six years before making the switch to Media Arts at the KASK School of Arts Ghent, where he graduated in 2015. His interactive media installations have been presented worldwide. Currently he lives in Amsterdam where he is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. His works tackles in a thought-provoking way issues like social identity, big data sharing, encryption and (the lack of) protection of our online privacy.