Mandy Barker


Mandy Barker loves the sea. When she was small she was fond of wandering along the seashore, collecting natural objects that turned up in her path. But she gradually realized that the number of manmade-objects was getting bigger and bigger, and the day that the corpse of an albatross chick appeared with its belly stuffed with cigarette lighters and plastic bottle tops, Mandy decided she had to do something. The artist kept on collecting plastics for years, firstly in the Atlantic Ocean and then on beaches all over the world, the aim being to photograph them and carry out an awareness campaign. The pictures show these plastics grouped together according to types and tones –reflecting the vast quantity of objects found and heightening the dramatic effect– and photographed on black backgrounds that enhance the strength of the colours. The result of this approach is an inevitable beauty that initially acts as a lure, but eventually stimulates an emotional response through the expression of a heartfelt desire for collective awareness.


Born in UK in 1964 where she lives and works. Her work has received global recognition and focuses on marine plastics debris and the harmfull affect on marine life and ultimately ourselves. Barker has exhibited globally in centers as Aperture Foundation or The Science and Technoloy Park hong Kong. She has received many awards, including as a series winner for the LensCulture Earth Award 2015 and the International Photography Award (IPA) 2014. Her series Soup has been published in over 40 countries including TIME, The Guardian, The Financial Times or National Geographic, among others.