Live Wild Collective

Infinite Travels

This group is made up of seven female voices from several countries. In Getxo, they present Infinite Travels by Lucie Khahoutian, who uses a mixture of collage and photography to deal with the idea of ​​memory that vanishes. Her multicultural childhood, partly in France and partly in Armenia, has had a profound influence on her work; she combines the visual codes of Armenia with the European aesthetic in a creative way, as if they were musical notes, and the final effect is a visual symphony that looks with humour at the theme of origins and individual development, with spiritual and mystical elements. Khahoutian was inspired by the Dadaist movement and the Fluxus artists, and in addition to marginal art and naïve art, the concept of the absurd is ever-present in her work. Mountains are an omnipresent element, a tribute to the Armenians’ obsession with Ararat, while beneath her work we also catch a glimpse of the Armenian genocide, which took the lives of an imprecise number of victims, ranging between 600,000 and 1.5 million people.


Lucie Khahoutian is an Armenian visual artist born in 1990 in Erevan, Armenia, and she is currently based in Tbilissi, Georgia. Khahoutian graduated from Minas Avetysyan school of Fine Arts in 2010 and received a Fine Arts Degree from the American University of Armenia in 2012. Lucie’s body of work aspire to create enriching encounters between western contemporary visual culture and strong traditional Armenian references. Her works approaches a wide range of topics while being very focused on religion, spirituality, and mystical matters. Her works have been exhibited in the United States and across Europe and widely published in Dazed, The Calvert Journal, It’s Nice That, Vogue France, Vogue Italy, Cheek Magazine, Amuse, i-D, Another, among many other.