Poulomi Basu


They say that the first casualty of war is truth. Poulomi Basu analyses the subject of post-truth in India, which she defines as a hyperreal, metaphorical place, familiar and yet strange. Centralia is the story of her journey through the forests of the central region of this country, where a conflict between the Maoist guerrilla forces and the central State still simmers. The photographer explores the unstable relationship between reality and fiction and how perception about reality and truth can be manipulated. At the same time, she reflects on contemporary practices of documentation by recreating the disconcerting atmosphere that pervades this region. Basu mixes premonitory landscapes, local festivities, crime scenes and portraits of revolutionaries, to build a visual labyrinth that disorients the spectator. Nothing is what it seems, especially in an unstable situation in which loyalties and motivations change constantly. The author makes a fierce indictment of the brutal massacres carried out in these mineral-rich lands and at the same time looks at the role of the guerrillas in rural India, where women do not usually have a voice.


She was born in Calcutta, India, in 1983 and lives in New Delhi. Poulomi graduated with a MA Distinction in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography from London College of Communication. Poulomi is a storyteller, artist and activist. Her editorial clients and other various publications include The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, Monocle, Marie Claire Italy, Save The Children UK or The Sunday Times Magazine, among others. Poulomi’s works have been exhibited and projected worldwide in the UK, Northern Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Pakistan, Singapore and India. Poulomi has received a number of photography awards including the Magnum Foundation award for Photography and Human Rights, Magenta Flash Forward and has been selected and final shortlisted for various other prestigious awards such as The Ian Parry award, Magnum Inge Morath, Magnum Emergency Fund, Foto8 Summershow, National Geographic All Roads Grant, among others.