Joy Buolamwini

Algorithmic Justice League

Artificial intelligence discriminates black and dark skinned people. Investigator from prestigious MIT Media Lab Joy Buolamwini has reached that conclusion. Her studies show that the informatic systems that allow facial recognition performs well in a 99% with white people, but just a 35% with black people. This scientist warns us about the consecuences that this comparative affront can have in thousands of people in very different fields, from police investigations to bank loan opportunities. Founder of the Algorithmic Justice League, Buolamwini aspires to raise awareness about the dangers of an artificial intelligence nourished exclusively with data of people of certain gender, race and age. This afroamerican investigator fights against the prejudice rooted in the field of the digital technology with determination and a little bit of humour. Armed with a white mask that is recognized by the same programs that don’t detect her own physiognomy, Joy condemns the invisibility of black people and invites us to think about the importance of creating more inclusive and fair codes for everybody.