Amir, Noemí, Qutaiba, Ali, Mustafa & Raoul

Now You See Me Moria

Now You See Me Moria is a collaborative project that denounces the consequences of European migration policies on the lives of refugees. In August 2020 Amir, an Afghan refugee, and Noemí, a Spanish graphic editor based in the Netherlands, began to collect and publish images and testimonies about life in the Moria refugee camp (Lesbos, Greece) on Instagram. Qutaiba, a Syrian refugee, and Ali and Mustafa, from Afghanistan, later joined @now_you_see_me_moria, which has gained tens of thousands of followers in just a few months and functions as a platform for denouncing the precarious living conditions in this camp.

Despite the fact that some of the shared experiences have been picked up on by the media, the situation in the camp has not improved and its public visibility has shrunk. Photojournalists are prohibited from entering and NGO workers operating there are persuaded not to take photographs. In early 2021, with the incorporation of Raoul, a German designer living in New York, they created a website through which more than 400 people participated in an international call to make posters with photographs of the camp, and then print them and paste them round the streets of European cities.

Now You See Me Moria is also a publication that is ready to be displayed anywhere. You can use the book as a tool to spread the word to your friends and family, and also take it to your local library, the mayor of your town or other politicians. You can also use the pages of the exhibition kit to make your own exhibitions of the project wherever you want.

Collective formed by Amir and Noemi, who were later joined by Qutaiba, Ali and Mustafa. Individuals like Raoul and communities of graphic designers, artists or students, among others, joined this movement with the conviction that the visibility achieved is very important to invoke change. It is a decentralized collective with open participation where personal interests are subordinated to shared actions, and where creativity is a tool for raising awareness. The ultimate goal of this collaborative project is to confront citizens and politicians with the failed European migration regime and its consequences.


Now you see me Moria

Venue: Station square
Open air exhibition