Andrea Muniáin


Fotollamada is a participatory installation designed to take photos of oneself, reimagining the physical and digital spaces in which bodies are sexualized and constituted.

The work consists of a panel that invites you to interact by putting your head and hand with a mobile phone into it. One side of the installation represents a gym and the other a hotel room; both have been deformed with digital tools and have a mirrored wall opposite them. Andrea Muniáin presents the hotel and the gym as spaces where bodies are produced and shaped through sex and exercise. Mirrors tend to abound in both places, offering a reflection of the body itself during its construction. The digital image extends this function, allowing us not only to immortalize the process, but also to transform it and even make it public on the Internet.

The work of this Navarrese artist ironizes the cult of the body, intertwining the influence that sexual practice and physical exercise have on the production of corporeal identity and its digital expansion.

Andrea Muniáin was born in Tudela, Navarra, in 1994. She is an architect and multidisciplinary artist. Her practice focuses on the current relationship between digitality and corporeality and explores, beyond the digital representation of bodies, the political component of these representations, criticising the current aesthetic regime. Currently, her work is oriented towards the development of bodyscapes, material approaches intertwining physicality and virtuality. Andrea’s work is linked to various cultural institutions, architecture studios and universities, including La Casa Encendida, Matadero, Takk architecture, UTS Sydney or ELISAVA Barcelona. She combines her material production with her work as a researcher at the School of Architecture in Alicante.



Venue: Amezti hall
Address: Amezti 6, Algorta
Indoor installation