Etinosa Yvonne

It’s all in my Head

Nigerian photographer Etinosa Yvonne’s multimedia project explores the coping mechanisms developed by survivors of terrorist acts and extreme violence. The portraits in It’s all in my Head combine the faces of the victims with images of the spaces, actions or mechanisms they use to move forward. Depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome and the desire for revenge are some of the consequences suffered by people who have experienced a situation of conflict or cruelty. Although victims often find a way to rebuild and adjust to their new lives, in many cases they are unable to share their experiences, which prevents them from leaving their traumatic past behind.

Etinosa Yvonne has worked with more than forty survivors in different parts of Nigeria and through this work she aims to draw attention to the mental state of these people. The project, which includes photographs, videos and testimonies, advocates for greater psychological and social support for victims of terrorism and violence.

Born and raised in Abuja, Nigeria, in 1989, Etinosa Yvonne is a self-taught documentary photographer and visual artist. She works with various artistic tools, including photography and video. The main focus of her work is the exploration and expression of themes related to the human condition and social injustice. She has been one of the six artists selected for the World Press Photo 6 * 6 Africa Talent 2020. She has also obtained the Women Photograph, National Geographic scholarships in association with Lagos Photo and Art X, as well as an award from the Royal Photographic Society for her project It’s all in my Head. Her work has been exhibited in the Netherlands, Germany, the US or at the Bamako Encounters and has appeared in international media such as Metro Uk, NoWahala Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, Daily Trust Newspaper, Sierra Magazine, The Guardian, PDN Magazine, Culture Trip, It’s Nice That, Refinery 29 or the National Public Radio of the USA.


It’s all in my Head

Venue: Romo Kultur Etxea
Address: Santa Eugenia square, Romo
Indoor exhibition