Jorge Yeregui

El valor del suelo


El valor del suelo (The value of the floor) is a photographic project that investigates on the state-agency market associated to tourism, second residences and construction as investment. It pretends remarking the complexity of the market, the wide range of factors that take part in it and the relations that are established among them, trying to generate a reflection about this problem without establishing a priori judgement.

The vertical triptychs show the developers’ or state-agencies’ esthetical and selling strategies with the kind of stereotyped customer and the standardized selling promotion. The systematic repetition of this outline with different social types shows the wideness of the phenomenon.
This way, I have wanted to manifest the coldness these operations are carried out with and cause a reflection about questions such the housing indiscriminate construction or the leisure consumption associated to the investment and people’s getting into debts.” J. Yeregui

Jorge Yeregui was born in Santander in 1975. He lives and works in Seville, Spain. He got his degree on Architecture in 2003. Currently he is studying a doctor’s degree in the University of Seville on City and Tourism and works as graphic editor for the magazine Neutra. He has exhibited in several cities in Spain, as well as in Guatemala, China, Poland and France.