Juan Gómez
©Juan Gomez

©Juan Gomez

Born in Erandio, Bizkaia, in 1965, Juan Gómez has dedicated to advertising photography for more than 20 years. He presents in advance at GETXOPHOTO his first creative project, Second Life.

“There are two parallel realities. While hand-to-hand relationships keep on weakening, far away relationships increase and proliferate mask to mask. The adventure of being a different or better individual, always depending on the image projected to the others, is now provided with a device by which our identity’s appearance is tangled with our deception weapons. We have more power regarding our design through the props, nickname, avatar, sex games and age or other resources to make person’s characters or versions for the real (…).”
“In South Korea, social and affective relationships through electronic means already exceed in frequency the ones hand-to-hand (…).”
Vicente Verdú. Soledad: La plaga del siglo XXI (Loneliness: The plague of 21st century). El País Semanal Nº 1629, 2007.12.16