Andreas Meichsner

Arcadia / Welcome to the club


Born in Hannover, Germany, in 1973. A carpenter’s apprentice and student of architecture, Andreas Meichsner studied Photography at Hannover’ University of Applied Sciences and at the University of Hiroshima. Combines his facet as an author with work in advertising and publishing. On two occasions his work has made him a finalist for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award. Currently residing in Berlin.

The selection he presents at GETXOPHOTO is composed of images from two different series, Welcome to the club and Arcadia, which, along with Dutch dream houses, form part of a long-term project that examines society through holidays and organised leisure. Andreas excellently reflects the dilemma of modern leisure society, the coexistence of freedoms with security and order. Holidays become the moment when we are protected against the unexpected. And at the same time they are the time to confront the “horror vacui” of inactivity and the anodyne.


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