Paola De Grenet

Pink Dreams & Growing up

Born in Milan, Italy, in 1971. Paola began her photographic career in London after concluding her studies in Graphic Design at the Camberwell College of Arts. She has collaborated with The Guardian, The Sunday Times Magazine and Penguin Publishers. In 2003 she moved to Barcelona, where she still lives, and started her personal project around the life of transsexuals in Spain. She was a finalist in Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña with her series The waiting room. Has exhibited at the CaixaForum, PhotoMiami, Berlineliste and Art Madrid, among others. Won the FotoPress’07 scholarship and received the Marco Pesaresi award in 2009.

The images selected come from two different projects on childhood, Pink Dreams and Growing up. They are linked by Paola’s intimate approach as she observes children, registering the blurred boundary between innocence and experience, childhood and maturity, fantasy and reality. The photographer seeks to find the potential adult that lurks in every child, analysing with her images both the dreams and the conflicts that mark this age of life.