Eleonora Agostini

A Blurry Aftertaste

Eleonora Agostini’s work explores family structures, dynamics, and experiences in the domestic space. Halfway between performance, sculpture and photography, A Blurry Aftertaste focuses on the relationships established between space, objects and the people that make up Agostini’s own home.

Through a series of performative and collaborative experiments with members of her family, Agostini’s photographs move between the intimacy and claustrophobia that simultaneously emerge in the family unit. The Italian photographer turns her house into a stage, where she reconstructs everyday memories and actions through a series of exercises performed for the camera. Taking as a starting point the enigmatic nature of the family photo, she uses staging as a tool to encourage communication and internalize, observe and overcome trauma.

A Blurry Aftertaste represents domestic life as theatre of the absurd and the extraordinary, made up of anti-monumental structures and actions. It is a project that tries to address the fragility of the idea of ​​the home by exploring the balance and resistance to gravity of its objects, as well as the positions of power and the exchange of those who occupy them.

Eleonora Agostini was born in Italy in 1991 that lives and works in London. She studied photography at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and she received her MA from the Royal College of Art Photography programme in 2018. Her work has been shown internationally and was featured in multiple printed and online publications. She was one of the artists selected to be part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019 and was nominated for the Foam Paul Huf Award in 2021. Her work A Blurry Aftertaste is part of the Government Art Collection and it was published as a book form as part of Paper Journal Annual 2019. In the last few years Eleonora has exhibited in galleries and museums such as L21 Gallery (Palma de Mallorca), South London Gallery and Borough Road Gallery (London), Leeds Art Gallery (Leeds), MAR Ravenna, National Museum of Gdansk, and festivals such as Circulations Festival in Paris and Format Festival in Derby. She works editorially with The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Financial Times or Port Magazine, among others.


A Blurry Aftertaste

Venue: Old Port containers, Algorta
Open air and indoor exhibition