Shelli Weiler

Enjoy House

Enjoy House documents alienation in experiences in new spaces designed for the production of images for social networks. The strong presence and influence of corporations such as Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat has led to the creation and commercialization of places that operate as visual production factories somewhere between a theatre, an amusement park and a museum. Clients have props at their disposal to create their photographs, and the props are linked to a series of clichés such as femininity, fame, tourism, family or pets. The colour pink, flowers, confetti or inflatable flamingos are some of the common elements that visitors can use to recreate the aesthetic canons of online images.

The American photographer Shelli Weiler decontextualizes the poses of the users and the infrastructures of the spaces, to focus our gaze on the fragility hidden behind a yearning for appearance. The series uses a cold black and white style to document several dozen sets located in New York City and Los Angeles. Weiler’s snapshots explore the commodification and performativity of desire in times of social media.

She was born in New York (USA) in 1996 and is currently based in Brooklyn. Shelli Weiler is an artist from New York with a BA in Studio Art from Wesleyan University, where studied photography among other digital arts practices. Her work primarily revolves around the production of fantasy and its failure, using portraiture to document performance in a non-documentarian way. Her work has been exhibited in several venues, such as the Robert Capa Center, Format International Photography Festival, Landskrona Foto, Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum, or Fotofestiwal Lodz, among others. She has also been published in diverse publications: British Journal of Photography, Vogue Italia, Phroom, Paper Journal, Der Grief or Revista Balam.


Enjoy House

Venue: Post Office building
Address: Torrene st. 6, Algorta
Open air exhibition