Zahara Gómez & Las Rastreadoras del Fuerte

Recetario para la memoria

During the last 15 years, Mexico has counted more than 80,000 forced disappearances related to drug trafficking and organized crime. Given the apathy of the authorities, civil society has mobilised to find the bodies of these missing persons. Search groups, generally made up of women, have taken the initiative by searching areas and locating clandestine graves. The hard work carried out by these civil organizations –which use social networks to disseminate and share their activity– aims to find, identify and return the bodies of the missing to their families.

Zahara Gómez Lucini has worked for several years with Las Rastreadoras del Fuerte, a search group in the city of Los Mochis. With them, she has produced the Recetario para la memoria (Recipe Book for Remembrance), a book that collects recipes and photographs of the favourite dishes of several missing persons, as well as the landscapes where the women carry out their searches. In addition to offering a rich variety of recipes, the publication supports Las Rastreadoras financially by sharing the profits made by their sale with them. The recipe book is a collaborative project which builds bridges through gastronomy to connect different realities while presenting and preserving the memory both of the missing and those who seek them.

Meet Las Rastreadoras del Fuerte

Zahara Gómez Lucini

Born in Madrid in 1983, she grew up between Spain, Argentina and France. She is deeply interested in collective and collaborative projects that encourage the construction of alternative narratives and actions. Through her current work she focuses on exploring stories and landscapes of political violence in different territories. She studied Photography and Sociology at the Sorbonne Université in Paris. From 2006 to 2009 she worked in the Cultural Department of Magnum Photos in Paris. She currently lives in Mexico City, where she works as a freelance photographer for various companies such as Accent, Travel & Leisure, Le Monde, Vice, Life & Style, El Mundo, Think Tank Media or The Weekender, among others. She also works as a teacher in different institutions such as the Image Center, the ADM Center, the Active School of Photography and the F64 School.

Las Rastreadoras del Fuerte

This group was formed in Sinaloa in 2014, after the disappearance of Roberto Corrales Medina in the city of Los Mochis. It is made up of more than 130 women who do not look for bodies in clandestine graves, but rather look for treasures. They call them treasures because those who are underground so that they will never be found are the most valuable thing for their families. To this day they have been able to locate the remains of 195 people. The Rastreadoras del Fuerte continue to search for 1,504 victims of forced disappearance in Mexico.


Recetario para la memoria

Venue: Algorta market
Address: Torrene 4, Algorta
Indoor exhibition