Carlos Terreros

Paisajes esféricos


Paisajes esféricos (Spherical landscapes), essay in which this young author mixes the collage technique and the panoramic picture, is not limited to show broken and disproportioned landscapes as at first glance the audience may observe. From the sky to the ground and from left to right, these images offer a complete view but different at the same time from a same scenery. Such an emblematic spot as Madrid’s Gran Vía or a close one as a warm landscape of Berango (Basque Country), are just a sample of the series the author is developing.

Carlos Terreros was born in Getxo in 1972. He got a degree on Information Sciences. He collaborated with the local press until 1995 when he started to work as skateboarding photographer for the editorial Tres60. For years Terreros documented the life of the skaters. In 2000 he founded the magazine Erosión and directed it for four years. Currently he is investigating on wedding photography. He has collaborated as freelance photographer in Spanish journals and magazines. His exhibitions have been shown in several Basque Country cities and some of his pictures in international magazines such as Vogue.