Olhares Do Morro

Un manifesto visual


Meanwhile the communications mediums focus on the effects and causes of violence, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro there is a core of visual expression where the native photographers from the favelas (shanty towns) show the other everyday life of their neighborhoods: they document their intense social and cultural lives, far from the myths of fights between bands and police violence.

Olhares do Morro*, project created and developed by Vincent Rosenblatt, was started in 2002 in Santa Marta’s favela. The project was later consolidated as an NGO and its young authors net expanded to Rocinha’s, Vigidal’s and Pereira da Silva’s favelas, among others. Olhares do Morro is a photography agency that also offers formation lessons and that promotes its authors’ exhibitions in different world festivals and museums: FotoRio (2003), Maison de l´Unesco in París (2004), Rencontres d´Arles (2005) or the Instituto Oi Futuro in Rio (2006). The selling of the pictures constitutes an important income source: a part is for the author and the rest is for the agency that reinvests it for the production, the purchasing of material and the education.

The different essays and individual trajectories are what have enabled the appearing of autonomic views in young authors, what means a base for the development of an image agency focuses on urban topics and cultural diversity.
*Views, visions of morro. Morro means favela in Rio’s slang.



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