Wang Qingsong (2009)

Un siglo en construcción

©Wang Qingsong

©Wang Qingsong

Heilongjiang, China, 1966. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Sichuan. Since the mid nineties his work has been included in all the great collective exhibitions of Chinese photography that have toured the world.

In such a kaleidoscopic society as the Chinese, he wonders what changes their traditions and culture will undergo. In the words of the author: “(…) while economic development is becoming the first priority of Chinese national policy, the country has changed, and its people have changed even more. (…) Capitalism has modernized an essentially agricultural country. To extol the virtues of this new life I use theater techniques and let the camera tell contemporary stories that are both true and comprehensible.”

Romantique is an intermediate between the heaven of the occidental religion and a Chinese pastoral garden. A critical look at the lack of Asian motives in the history of occidental art and the utopias of happiness built from both civilizations.