Martin Parr



Born in Epsom, the United Kingdom, in 1952, lives and works in Bristol. He was trained at the Polytechnic School in Manchester. In the 1980s he devoted himself to documenting, in black and white, the British working class during the government of Margaret Thatcher. He joined the prestigious agency Magnum in 1994. Combines work as a photographer and documentary maker with his teaching job at the University of Wales. As well as having published more than 50 books, in which his best works are included, in 2006 he wrote The Photobook, A History, a compendium of the best photography books from the 19th century until today.

About his Luxury series he says: “Everybody photographs the poor; I decided to photograph rich people”. For four years Parr attended all kinds of events associated with luxury: fairs, competitions, exhibitions, sporting occasions and benefit galas all over the world. He introduced himself into those atmospheres with the intention of reflecting a particular stratum of society that had been so little portrayed by photographers. It is easier to depict the defenceless poor than the fastidious wealthy. Martin defines himself as a neutral observer: he represents reality, but does not interpret it; he leaves it to the spectator to take that responsibility. Nonetheless, the way in which he has photographed, framed and selected Luxury does not leave much room for subjective interpretations.