Ana Galán

Viv(r)e la vie


Born in Madrid in 1969. An Economics graduate, her doctoral thesis centred on speculation in art. Currently combines her work as marketing director for a publication with her role as a photographer. She lives between Guadalajara and Paris. Her works have reached the final stages of various competitions, including the Encontros da Imagem in Braga, PhotoSpain and Paris Photo.

Ana Galán creates a reinterpretation of the portrait formula that arose in Italy at the end of the Quattrocento, the origin of which we find in the work of Jan van Eyck, who brought busts and landscape scenery together in painting. Viv(r)e la vie is directly inspired by the Diptych of the Duke and Duchess of Urbino by Piero Della Francesca. Portraits of couples who meet to dance each Sunday in a social centre of a Spanish town and that the author takes in order to play with concepts of duality and of couples who do not give up on living their lives. This series pays homage to people who continue to live “the instant”. It has been proven that people who grow old together enjoy a healthier old age, both physically and mentally.


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