Annet Van Der Voort

A lifetime


Born in Emmen, Holland, in 1950. Studied Visual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund, Germany. Has published her work internationally since 1990. Various series of hers have been shown in Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, France and Holland. Identity and change, fugacity and memory, observing nature and giving shape to the passing of time and the ephemeral in life are some of the themes that ground her work.

The series A lifetime combines portraits of older women with a series of portraits of beauty queens, which were made in the period when the old women depicted were still young. The still valid ideals of beauty and youth are summoned to the side of the natural process of ageing, whose victims we all are; idealised images linked through time with a face upon which life has already left its marks. Is it possible we are dealing with the same woman? How far can we prolong beauty? How does death affect us? A lifetime offers the viewer a space.


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