Luis Cobelo



Born in Acarigua, Venezuela, in 1970. Graduated in Philosophy at the University of Zulia, Venezuela. A freelance photographer, he has worked for the National Geographic, El País, Rolling Stone and Neo2, among others. Has exhibited in Argentina, France, Spain, Ecuador, Venezuela and Germany. Is currently working on different reports that cover Latin America, Asia and Europe.

The Senior America contest brings women together from all the states in North America. The main prerequisite for participating is being over 60 years old. It is a competition for third age ladies. It is indispensable to have some kind of talent and a lot of enthusiasm, to be a great communicator and leader, to feel proud of your appearance and, above all, to be sure of yourself. The focus is mainly on inner not outer beauty. There is no money and there are no sumptuous gifts. The winner receives just one prize: being the most admired senior woman in the United States. Ms. Senior America is held once a year in Atlantic City, USA. With a track record of over 30 years the contest enjoys incredible success and, although it is a non-profit making event, an impressive economic system keeps its wheels turning.


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