Vicente Paredes

Huerta urbana


Born in Orihuela, Spain, in 1972. A graduate in Journalism at the University of the Basque Country, he studied Photography at Westminster College, London. Lives in Bilbao. Currently working freelance for various advertising agencies. His work has been selected for the collective documentary exhibition Laberinto de Miradas, curated by Claudi Carreras, and for Spain Contemporanea, a show curated by Alejandro Castellote and Moritz Neumüller, which will take place at the next Festival Fotoseptiembre in Mexico DF.

There are behaviours that are in our genetic programme. Even when there is no earth, a dog will always try to bury its bone; and though under his feet there are metro tunnels made of glass and cement, man will drill through them to plant a seed. When Bilbao became an industrial city, thousands of people came from the rural environments of Galicia and Extremadura looking for work in the factories. Overnight they had to transform into an urban working class, but written in fire in their identity, from many generations before, was the mandala “you will irrigate to keep the bad weeds away”. They were folk from here: the difference is that they couldn’t bring their lands with them. (Luis López, Huerta urbana; el hombre y la tierra).


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