JJ Levine


Him? Her? Is our sexual identity just limited to our appearances? Is gender innate or something we acquire? Militant artist JJ Levine attacks all these topical issues with devastating humour. He goes about the staging with glee and, through a simple game of disguises with each of the two members of a couple, transforms him into her, and vice versa. We are invited to address all the issues to do with gender –and sex– reversal that, after a whole process of reflection in the United States, European universities are beginning to tackle through opening up professorships, programmes and investigations around gender. The young artist, dedramatising fundamental questions in his small theatre of the sexes, urges us to actually go beyond the visible. JJ plays with photography and with the multiple illusions of image and serenely proclaims that we should never trust photographs.


Born in Canada in 1986. Trans artist residing in Montreal whose work focuses on the intimate portrait. His photographs explore gender, sexuality and things queer. In 2010 he carried out studies into Photography and Sexuality at the University of Concordia and in 2013 was granted a scholarship by Canada Council for the Arts. Levine has exhibited in galleries in the United States, Canada and Europe. He has also been a conference speaker at different universities and his work has been published in academic and artistic journals at an international level. Levine’s artistic work combines a political focus with a powerful sense of aesthetics.


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