Clément Briend

Installations Éphémères


He has taken part in the festival in all the editions covered by Christian Caujolle’s three-year curatorship, developing and fine-tuning his reflections on the practical possibilities of the use of projection. Since what is in play concentrates on putting photographs in perspective within public space, suddenly, in the mix of poetry and new possibilities of interpretation, images can take on unsuspected dimensions. He has just published a book, with both a theoretical and a practical approach, which will enable his readers –for very modest sums– to actually stage projection in practice. The ephemeral installations that play with their surroundings, are located on the sea or on buildings, can create surprise as a corner is turned or adapt to the angles of a junction, suggest new readings and multiply the possibilities of image. At each stage of conception, the choices share in the construction of meaning, as a limitless experience that renews, at each step, the potentialities of an image we believe we know and end up rediscovering.


Clément was born in France in 1982, and lives and works in Paris. In 2008 he completed his studies at the Higher National School Louis-Lumière and in 2011 he created the Politics Illuminations Group. His work focuses on the exploration of darkness through light interventions on the spaces he photographs, and has been shown at the Photo Phnom Penh Festival in Cambodia and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, among other venues. He teaches photography at the University of Valenciennes.


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