Hong Menea

Passing Time


In Phnom Penh there are at least a million motorcycles. They clearly constitute the main mode of transport and it is not unusual to see them ridden by a couple and their three children. They also frequently provide a means of transportation for stacked furniture, bundles of clothes, heaps of long tubes of blue plastic, heavy loads of rice and gas cylinders. We often wonder –and this continues to be an enigma– how these modest vehicles can pull this kind of freight. A young press photographer, positioned for months on a balcony while adopting the same raised perspective, offers a portrait of the Cambodian capital full of both life and humour. A whole universe on two wheels, in perpetual movement, which parades before our eyes packed with surprises and unlikely situations.


Hong was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in 1990, the city where he lives and works. Since 2011 he has worked as a photographer for the Cambodian daily The Phnom Penh Post. He received his training at Studio Image, set up by the French Cultural Centre in Cambodia, where he has shown his work Passing Time, and at the Build Bright University in Thailand.


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