Chino Otsuka

Imagine Finding Me



With this workinfused with nostalgia, Chino Otsuka explores the relation between memory, identity, time andphotography, inserting herself into old portraits of her own childhood. To this end, she uses digital processes with remarkable dexterity –they seem to transform into a time machine- and thanks to them she can, on the one hand, travel to her place of origin and be a kind of tourist of her history and,on the other, examine the past, her childhood. In this way she produces admirable dual portraits that are highly realistic, absolutely believable and, at the same time, project an oddly disturbing phantasmagoric atmosphere. It would seem, too, that Otsuka would like to accompany, help and say here I am to the girl she was back then. The emotion floods when we visually witness this moving reencounter that the artist is able to materialize satisfactorily in a single picture.


Born in Tokyo in 1972, she was brought up in London, the city where she lives and works. She has participated in shows in over 15 countries, one of which was an individual exhibition at the Huis Marseille Museum of Photography in Amsterdam. Her work forms a part of many collections, including those of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. She published an autobiographical novel at the age of 15 and is the author of three other books published in Japan.